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The Local Governance of NFI supports work that lends itself to improving the quality of life of ordinary people by building their capacities, creating peoples agencies, improving their interfaces with the Governance systems and strengthening and deepening the role of civil society organizations in building effective, inclusive and participatory democracies. NFI also in the last couple of years has also been involved actively in examining and analyzing budgets by civil society groups, which has been critical in understanding how priorities for public spending are impacting the lives of the poor.

The geographical focus of the Urban initiative area is in small towns, cities, transitional and peri urban habitats.


Theory of change:

  • strengthened community structures in 5 towns to manage basic urban services and ensure citizen centric governance systems
  • Demonstrable models of community managed water, waste and sanitation in 8 urban poor locations.
  • Supporting plans for citizen centric heritage planning and child centric urban ecosystems.
  • Facilitating NFI local urban innovations hub and practice centre- building knowledge through research, community managed basic services, demonstrable models etc .

Instruments of change:

Action - Grant making towards

  • Initiating/ strengthening community managed water and sanitation initiatives in urban poor settlements in cities, towns, peri urban areas and NACs.
  • Building knowledge - Facilitating training, research and capacity building of individuals and organizations in the issues of urban governance and management especially of the youth from marginalized urban communities


  • Tool kits, policy briefs, guidance manuals in the form of print and visual communications towards influencing public opinion towards local urban innovations
  • Use of Social Media towards strengthening local innovations

Future Outlook

NFI would like to deepen, expand and disseminate its urban and budget experiences across the country. This would primarily be done through interventions to strengthen peoples’ participation in habitat issues such as cleanliness, heritage, water, sanitation, people’s participation and waste management and supporting budget work in all states of the country

Program Director:

Barsha Poricha (amita@nfi.org.in ) Deepankar Aryaputra (deepankar@nfi.org.in)

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