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Shamdasani Foundation support to SNEHA

NFI has been working with SNEHA School at Diyun in Arunachal Pradesh since the inception in 2002. At a remote place of Arunachal, the school is a great source of inspiration to quality teaching. What remarkable is to see constructive efforts to make the school a place of learning of native and non-natives come together. To complement these investments and keep SNEHA growing as an institution, Shamdasani Foundation has come forward to support SNEHA to the tune of Rs 12.5 lacs over a period of two years up till 2013 for construction of 5 classrooms, 5 toilets, 1 washroom and a library. SNEHA has already completed half of the construction with the support of Shamdasani Foundation. The new school building will be inaugurated in the month of March 2013. 

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