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Strengthening social justice philanthropy

Background :-

The shift in economic power and influence has never been as definitive in the history of the world as it is now. Of the top 100 economies of the world, 52 are corporations and 48 are countries! The story in India is not very different. Since economic liberalization, private sector in India has shown tremendous growth. India now has 176 billion dollar corporations and 64 billionaires. On the other hand, while we have had many corporations and rich individuals setting up trusts and foundations for development work in the past, the pace of this has only hastened in recent years. In order to accelerate private participation in development, in an unprecedented move, the Government of India has brought in mandatory CSR expenditure provision both for the private companies and Public sector companies through the new Companies Act 2013. This single instance of rule making has the potential to alter the way and extent of involvement of private companies and individuals with developmental issues.

However, much of such philanthropic initiatives including CSR are still being carried out following a charity approach (addressing immediate manifestations of a deeper issue) while the deeper structural causes of underdevelopment lay neglected. Large scale welfare service delivery measures are being taken up under individual philanthropy and CSR, while issues such as social Justice, equity and human rights still largely remain untouched by the new philanthropy. The challenge for Social Justice Philanthropy is as much about lack of awareness and understanding, as it is about lack of many success stories and lack of active Government policies.

The Initiative :-

In alignment with NFI’s core mandate to promote philanthropy in India and to act as a link between giving’s from outside and the grassroots organizations; NFI in partnership with Rockefeller Foundation has taken up a multi-year project to promote and strengthen “social justice philanthropy” in India. The objectives of the initiative are to:

Initiate and strengthen direct conversations and interface with existing and potential private sector philanthropists in India through a diverse mix of actions and dialogue
Strengthen focus of the mainstream media on social justice philanthropy to promote public discussion and awareness
Influence policy framework to encourage private philanthropic/ CSR investments in activities related to social justice philanthropy

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