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Current Partners

Sahyog Community Coordination Network (CCN), Andhra Pradesh :-
CCN is a grassroots organization working with the trans-border “Primitive Tribal groups” of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.
CCN’s operational area is the tribal blocks of the Vishakhapatnam agency. CCN has created a wide network of community
institutions at the grassroots level by organizing the youth from these tribal groups.  It is working in the areas
of education, health, food security, natural resource management, panchayati raj, women empowerment and income generation
for this group. It has also networked with  stakeholders of tribal development including the ITDC, Block and district
level functionaries, education and health departments, Panchayati Raj institutions and people from the community, including

In December 2007, a project grant was made to CCN to pilot a project on building social leadership among the trans-border Primitive
Tribal Groups of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. The project focused on two mandals – Machingput and Pedabayalu. The grant was a strategic
one, intended to add to the running activities of CCN. In the first phase, this project aimed to create different modalities of
leadership. This made the initiative quite promising, as the component of leadership gave all the programme areas strategic direction.
On the basis of lessons from the first phase, NFI supported a 2nd phase of the above project, which has just ended in December 2009.
In the second phase leadership was found in action in that the social leaders undertook community based activities and played pro-active
roles in food security, education and micro-planning. 

Old Partners

Sisterhood Network,Dimapur, Nagaland :-

Sisterhood Network is a grassroots organization working in Dimapur district of Nagaland. It is a women-managed voluntary organization
working for social and economic empowerment of women in politically troubled areas of Dimapur. It has managed to organize women as a
community, given them vocational training and involved them in income generation activities. Towards this end, the Sisterhood Network
has helped the women groups get bank loans. NFI extended project support to this organization to promote social leadership amongst women
in the villages. Apart from supporting project activities, the NFI grant had enormous strategic value in enabling the Sisterhood
Network to work in the volatile political situation and armed violence in Dimapur. 

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