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I Soch- Pyar ki Gutargoo

It began with the creation of a fictional character, through mock sessions of dialogue between this imaginary character and the team a communication strategy was developed and the name - I SOCH – Let’s talk sexuality…For a safer Pune emerged! I SOCH, triggers critical thinking process amongst college goers in Pune in issues related to gender, sexuality and violence that they see around themselves. I SOCH implies that the change starts from within and if we want to create better and safer social environment, we need to think first and bring change in ourselves. It also suggests that the thinking, questioning and analysing starts from oneself.


Through a regular process of interaction, the Director of the board of students’ welfare in Pune University and Savitribai Phule University were convinced that young college goers need to be aware regarding issues of gender equality and prevent sexual violence. This meant that around 400 colleges not only in and around Pune but also in nearby cities like Nashik, Ahmednagar could be approached by the project.Various communication materials have been prepared to send the message in a youngster-friendly manner. An animated video clip which shows how a boy and a girl are bogged down by questions regarding sexuality was used. The clip showed how questions about relationships, abuse, knowledge about body, etc. can be answered through I SOCH.  A musical video based on the song, BRAVE by Sara Bareilles got young people from varied fields to dance on the song and question the gender stereotypes. To capture what young men and women think about gender roles, relationships and sexuality, interviews of students, lay people, working women and men was compiled into a short video clip. Experimenting by using popular characters from movies, daily soaps, etc to talk about gender roles and stereotypes is being done. The messages question stereotypes, control on dress and movement of girls.


During the discussions, debates and interactions with youth from various colleges, it was observed that ‘love’ was a topic that catches attention of most students. Thus, a month long campaign was designed beginning with Valentine’s Day. The campaign included workshops on love and gender followed by a 3 hour long event on the 14th. The idea of the campaign was to get students to collectively decide what and how they would like to present their ideas on love. The format was open - a skit, a poem, a dance or even a song was encouraged. In order to strengthen their presentations and draw discussions of love from their own scripts or performances workshops were organised on college campuses. Pyaar ki Gutargoo had an online as well as an offline presence; online, the facebook users put up a poem or a song on the topic of love. Pyar ki gutargoo on Valentine’s day had 18 different performances from 10 colleges with a foot fall of 250 that consisted of mainly students themselves. The team also prepared 3 clips, in the form of a mash-up of several bollywood songs and scenes. The aim of these videos was to draw discussions on love and expectations, love and sexual harassment, and love and obsessions/control. We now have 160 volunteers from the Pune colleges and their network stands at 384 girls and boys and they access the video clips, discussion videos, wallpapers etc. Pyar works to send even the toughest messages home! Let’s do Pyar ki Gutargoo because Love is nothing without Respect and Equality.


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